Live like someone opened the gate!

Exceptional Care

Horses get to be horses!

Many horses are happiest when they get to run, play and interact with each other in a consistent herd. Not only does this improve fitness, it has been proven to reduce or eliminate many health problems such as colic and ulcers as well as psychological challenges like weaving and cribbing. Having our horses in a "herd" also gives us the opportunity to watch how they interact with each other and to integrate this into how we work with them.

Benefits of Slow Feeding

• improves digestion

• mimics natural grazing

• minimizes boredom related vices

• reduces risk of ulcers, colic and choking

* lowers stress level = decreased cortisol production

• eliminates feeding time frenzy

• allows you to ride whenever you like

Turnout to Pasture

• seasonal grazing

• balance horse's desire for grazing with pastures need to recover


• based on fecal egg count, rather than calendar